Overview of Odoo 16 Community Edition

January 25, 2023

Odoo’s business management software is available in two versions: Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. The Odoo 16 Community edition is a totally open-sourced version that offers a wide range of business features for free. Odoo Enterprise is a licensed and shared source that is paid. Both the Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise editions offer a variety of practical modules suitable for business operations. Both Odoo releases come with accounting, sales, inventory, and other modules.

This blog will explore the advantages and limitations of Odoo 16 Community Edition. 

The Odoo community version is released under the terms of the LGPLv3 license. Everyone can use the Odoo Community without having to pay anything. It aids in meeting our company’s needs. It is a great tool for small businesses and start-ups because it provides a selection of freely available, customized modules suitable for business operations. However, it has many drawbacks that make it unsuitable for large businesses, such as limited functional support, a lack of version upgrade support, and hosting. We cannot use all the functionality of the Sales, HRMS, Website, eCommerce, or other modules that are offered in the Enterprise edition when using the Odoo Community.

Why is Odoo Community the Best Tool for Small Businesses?

Start-ups and small businesses always lack sufficient money to invest in software support and other help. Here, comes Odoo Community to the rescue of the investors. A completely free ERP tool, the Odoo community is accessible to all businesses including self-employed persons. Businesses can install the tool and manage the activities with little training and support.

If you are a person who is planning to introduce an ERP solution to efficiently manage your small business, then you can try out Odoo Community with no investment. Being an open-source platform, the Odoo community association or OCA offers extensive support to the users. Besides, the users can depend on digital resources for using the installed ERP.

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User Interface

Odoo Community is accessible on computers and businesses can manage all functions with the help of a web browser. However, unlike the Enterprise edition, Odoo Community does not allow the use of android or iOS systems.

Finance management

Odoo Community edition supports some of the accounting features including invoicing and payments. The tool also assists users to manage expenses.


Sale is a key area where the users of the community edition can take advantage. Odoo 16 Community edition users can avail the functionalities of CRM, sales, and point-of-sale modules in Odoo. At the same time, many features like loyalty programs, rentals, subscriptions, etc are not functional in the Community edition.

Efficient website management

The website module is a key functional area of Odoo. Both the community and Enterprise editions of Odoo support website builder, eCommerce, blog, Forum, Live Chat, eLearning, etc.

The Odoo 16 community edition is free, therefore users are not required to pay anything. By installing the software program, users can access the solution immediately. There is no requirement to obtain a license or pay any money.

Inventory support for businesses

Managing the inventory is a herculean task for many businesses group. Odoo Community offers an inventory module that assures help to businesses to manage their inventory. Product stock and other activities in the stock can be completed with the help of this tool. However, the Odoo Community edition lacks barcode integration support that makes inventory management quicker.

Odoo Community also supports manufacturing, purchase, and maintenance operations. The modules for manufacturing and purchase assist the business in effortlessly controlling manufacturing processes. The purchase support eases purchase order management, payment, and stock management. Similarly, the maintenance activities required in the factory or production unit can be controlled and regulated with the help of the maintenance module.

Unlike the enterprise edition, the community edition lacks WorkCentre management, a control panel, and scheduling support. If you require these functionalities, go for the Enterprise edition. Similarly, Product Lifecycle Management, or PLM is also not accessible to Odoo Community. Quality control and management is another area that is not available in the community edition.

Human resources

Odoo 16 Community edition is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that offers support for employee management, employee recruitment, leave management, and fleet management. All these features fall under the Human Resources segment. However, the paid version of Odoo has much more features and functionalities that are essential for the functioning of the human resources department of a business. Features like departmental dashboards, referrals, appraisals, etc are accessible only in the Enterprise Edition of Odoo.


Are you planning to use your ERP for Project and Timesheet management? Then, Odoo Community is the perfect option. However, the community edition does not support other service areas like Field Service, Helpdesk, Planning, Appointment, etc.

Productivity Management

All those who run small businesses may not always need VoIP integration, the Internet of Things, and Approval management. Odoo Community is the perfect choice for such small business ventures. Odoo Community supports Discussions, notes, calendars, etc which are essential for small businesses and start-ups.


Odoo Community Edition is the name of the open-source software that supports the free, fundamental version of Odoo. The premium, updated Odoo Enterprise Version is more appropriate for high-end, specialized markets. The Odoo Enterprise Version offers unlimited functional support, version updates, and public or private cloud hosting in contrast to the Odoo Community Version. The Odoo Enterprise edition differs from the Community edition with its high performance and quickness.

The essential components that might speed up your company’s growth are add-on Odoo apps. By allowing customization and integration, these apps help streamline your business processes. The tools make it easier to manage various tasks without expending tedious effort. These add-on programs aren’t available in the Odoo community, though. In the Odoo 16 Community, there are no apps like the shipping connector, barcode integration, or VOIP connector. However, it is the most suitable tool for start-ups and small businesses who want to upgrade their business without investing a huge amount in ERP implementation.


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