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September 28, 2020

Odoo gives you the most effective and user-friendly software platform for small business. During the release of every new version, Odoo ensures the improvisation of the existing modules apart from introducing new applications. In the competitive world of Enterprise Resource Planning software, Odoo 14 features is sure to be a game-changer.

Odoo has presented a set of improvisations for inventory, manufacturing, studio, and calendar modules. Odoo 14 enhances the operation of purchase, sale, expenses, and web builder modules. The Odoo team has introduced software enhancements by reviewing the suggestions and requirements of the business fraternity. 

Have a look at what is new in Odoo 14:

New module for Data Cleaning

The data cleaning app is the new module in Odoo 14. This app will help the user save computer memory and cloud memory by avoiding data duplication. As the name shows, the data cleaning app helps the user sweep out all unnecessary documents. The app is prepared in a way to sort out the data automatically. Odoo 14 data cleaning app boasts of a flagging feature to easily identify duplicated data.

What is more? Odoo 14 helps merge the duplicated data with the original data. Implementing Odoo 14 ERP will help you clean out your e-space sans unnecessary documents.

The enhanced version of a website builder

Odoo has given a thrust to website building in the Odoo 14 version. This will help you leave a mark in the competitive world with your unique website. The website builder in Odoo 14 is easy to operate and functions quickly. The website building or updating task can be completed within the minimum required time. Odoo 14 web builder is a strong content for other web building tools existing in the industry.

Odoo 14 introduces a redesigned website builder. The new module will help you to have a professional touch on your website. It has many building blocks and allows a set of new features.

  • Count down snippets
  • Masonry snippet
  • Auto pop snippet
  • Scope for background video
  • Help to set PoS to manage expenses
  • Price list snippet

Smart Date Picker

A smart date picker is a simple but useful feature added to Odoo 14. This feature helps you to pick a closing date of a project or process. The user will add or subtract a year or month to the calendar date without difficulty. 

PoS gets new UI

Odoo 14 has given a thrust to the Point of Sale. PoS being the major area of operation in many small businesses, Odoo 14 has introduced key features for PoS.

  1. Email receipt

With the new PoS feature, Odoo 14 allows a business group to send the bills to the customer by email. This benefits the customers and those behind the small business as it enables the long term preservation of the bill. Besides, it ensures paperless transactions.

    2. Product configuration

Users can configure a product under a parental product quickly using this feature.

Spreadsheet reporting

The spreadsheet reporting feature in Odoo 14 guarantees help to generate an accurate and effective report. This feature can be used for generating sales, revenue, purchase, budget, and expense report. Analysis of performance can also be made easy with reports.

Expense dashboard

Odoo 14 aims at improving the user experience. Taking this into account, Odoo 14 has introduced an expense dashboard. A user will get a clear view of all expenses and will create an expense report with this feature.

Ask for confirmation

This new feature, available in Odoo 14, helps the user ask the vendor for confirmation before dispatching a product. It will help avoid unnecessary expenses on the return of the delivered product. 


Purchase dashboard

A dashboard is used to get a quick view of the products and orders. The purchase dashboard in Odoo 14 gives details of the purchase order, deadline, and other details. Besides, the user can view the status of the quotation and request for quote.

Forecast Feature

The forecasting business can assure better planning of the business. Odoo 14 has introduced this feature enabling the user to forecast the demand for every product. It will help to plan to manufacture. A graphic representation of the forecast report is also available if you adopt Odoo 14.

Smiley Widget

Odoo 14 has come up with a smiley widget. This can be used while sending messages. The smileys are expected to take business relations to the next level.

Enhanced Inventory Management Module

  • Odoo 14 has enhanced Odoo Inventory by facilitating the inclusion and availability of various products manufactured or sold by a firm. It will also help manage orders. 
  • Odoo 14 makes stock level report generation simpler even without setting minimum and maximum stock levels.
  • In Odoo 14, statistics help to set demand automatically.

Editing made possible 

With Odoo 14, you can easily edit the manufacturing order. Product details can be edited along with order details.

Two Factor Authentications

Two factors of Authentication is a high-end security feature. The advanced two-factor authentication method helps Odoo 14 to enhance its security features to unimaginable heights. It helps a person check security details using two different factors, which are otherwise alien to the whole sphere.

Product price list

Odoo 14 helps to generate a product price list report. Besides, the new version enables the printing of a price list for a particular currency. The printing can be made from the product list.

Dynamic User Approval

Dynamic user approval helps to get the approval of the higher-level employee for the purchase of any product. This makes approval requests and approval processing a quick business. The activities including the purchase of office assets, gain momentum with this feature in Odoo 14

Open Chat Window from Avatar

Odoo 14 allows you to indulge in chat communications with retailers and other customers. The user can start the chat by clicking the contact details on the sales menu. 

Apart from the features listed above, Odoo 14 comes up with a series of other attractive enhancements that can be integrated with various ERP modules. A few are listed below,

  • Search Panel for Apps
  • Advanced SEO feature
  • Enhance re Captcha feature
  • Improved feature to apply the discount to multiple lines
  • microsoft calendar sync
  • List view enhancement
  • The import option has been moved to the favorites
  • Enhanced Events


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