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September 18, 2020

Precisely, mining is the process of extracting any mineral from the earth. Different mineral industries are being operated across the globe. It involves the extraction of ore, vein, lode, or reef from the earth. Most of the mining firms plunge into the business by getting land on lease.

It is time to mine the real treasure out of your mining industry with the Best Mining ERP Software support. The industry requires effective workforce management and an operational control system for ensuring profitability. Enterprise Resource Planning Software can help you organize different activities effectively. 

Why is ERP essential for the mining industry?

  • Enterprise Resource Planning solutions can integrate everything from worksite management to project management. 
  • It can handle risk factors. 
  • It can help you comply with environmental protection and safety rules. ERP provides an online platform for large-scale investors to manage mine operations on the e-platform. 
  • ERP Software Solution can help the mining industry to build an international network of mines and manage operations effortlessly.

How can Odoo support mining operations?

  • Odoo is a cost-effective solution for all software needs in industrial ventures. 
  • Odoo ERP makes even the toughest task easy with different modules.
  • Odoo Open Source Software is the ultimate solution for order management requirements. 
  • It can assist supply chain network management. 
  • It can lend you support for effective market studies and product categorization. What makes Odoo unique is its ability to integrate modules by avoiding technical glitches. 

Benefits of having Odoo ERP for the Mining Industry –  Best Mining Software

  • Support for handling multiple mines

Are you worried about managing multiple mining sites?

Odoo makes the management of a single-site mining unit and multiple-site mining units painless. Odoo provides you with an e-platform for recording data from different mining sites. Cross-management of the database is possible with the Odoo ERP solution. The user can access the database of all the mine sites on the road. Performance analysis and workforce redeployment can be done using the Odoo tool.  

  • Production Management

 The mining industry is a large-scale industry with a huge workforce and heavy machinery. Odoo is the best ERP solution that can help you manage the production of different by-products from the mined mineral. Production management can be planned based on the order requirement. Multi-tasking becomes a cool game with Odoo support.

  • Machinery management

Ever thought of getting the best support system for machinery management in the mining industry as Odoo software? Mining companies can enter the details of all machinery used for mining activities. The vehicles used for the transportation of the mined minerals and other products can be listed using the Odoo maintenance module. The maintenance ERP will help you maintain the schedule for carrying out repair work of machines and vehicles. What is more? It also generates alerts. It helps you manage every step in the maintenance process. You can ensure uninterrupted working hours with ERP support for maintenance.

  • Analyze Profit Potential 

The Mining Industry involves huge investments like any other large-scale venture. Mining companies plunge into the business to generate maximum profit with fewer expenses. To a great extent, Odoo can help these companies attain their target. The profit prospect of a mining project can be evaluated with technical support. Odoo helps to list out the customary cost and other expenses. It supports the breaking down of mining costs and makes cost analysis effortless. The workforce payment structure and future revenue generation can be auto-calculated with ERP support, ensuring accurate cost analysis.  

  • Lease Management

Mining companies lease land from private owners or the government for their mining activities. All legal hurdles related to lease management can be simplified if you are using the best ERP solution. By implementing Odoo ERP, the mining industry can document various agreements and manage alert generation regarding lease payment and other contract conditions. 

  • Workforce Management

 A well-designed ERP can resolve all workforce-related hurdles in the mining industry. Odoo HRMS can manage the safety of the labor force and insurance management. Odoo offers support for safety checklists and health check-up schedule management. Payroll management, leave, and work-hour management can also be coordinated with the ERP platform.


  • Customer Relationship Management

Bassam Infotech offers custom ERP support for CRM. The best ERP application, Odoo CRM, helps you manage customer contact details and generate automated email communication. Area-wise customer document helps to send focused messages. Odoo CRM also assures frequent communication with clients.

  • Multiple warehouse management

The mining companies can rely on the Odoo warehouse management system for managing multiple warehouses. It can offer security arrangements and proper organization of different metals and minerals mined by the company. The segregation of mined products and purifying and processing can also be done with Odoo apps’ help. 

  • Supply chain management

 In the mining industry, the supply chain mainly focuses on selling mind products and they’re by-products. The cloud-based ERP integrates the transportation of minerals and metals from the mines to the warehouse. It also controls the movement of the products from the warehouse to factories and there to retailers. 

  • Compliance with government norms

Are you worried about environmental law and permission from various government departments for mining activities?

We offer you the best ERP solution to wipe out all your concerns. Odoo offers a proper documentation facility and alert generation system to renew the license and other permission conditions. It can help you check the pollution rate and plan the waste management process. Land reclamation after mining can also be coordinated with ERP help.

  • Logistics Management 

The movement of mined products and their by-products can be monitored with the support of the ERP system. Traceability is assured during the movement of products. Besides, it ensures efficacy in managing shipment firms. International or national business can be controlled with Odoo.


The mining sector can seek ERP software companies’ support to get the best ERP for the industry. ERP products will help you systematize all operations in the industry. Bassam Infotech can assist you with tailor-made software support. We are here to study your needs before giving you the best product to catch your dreams. 


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