Odoo 16 Customization

April 22, 2022

Empowering a business is the prime responsibility of any ERP implementation company. Every business manages specific operations and hence has different requirements. Even the companies operating in the same industry may be following different modes of operation. The customization of Odoo ERP solutions has become increasingly significant in this era of consumerism, as it can help to fulfill every requirement of the company.

Odoo Open-Source ERP assures complete customization support to the users for market adoption and increased productivity.

Whether your business needs ERP customization is decided by analyzing the working pattern of a company. List out every specific need of your team and review whether your ERP is currently providing the functionalities. Odoo ERP, being a modular ERP tool, helps the business to wisely explore the capabilities of the ERP solution by organizing their operations and synchronizing their workflow.

Bassam Infotech analyses every aspect of your business and helps you develop the best strategy to grow your business. Expert Odoo technical team of Bassam analyses industry standards and company operations and lists the new features required. Proper interaction with the business team, including the key users and end-users, helps our team to efficiently optimize Odoo 16 ERP. 

The team can complete the Odoo Customization process in seven simple steps. Let us have a look at the steps.

Step 1 – Requirement Assessment

Proper discussion with the clients and interaction with different sections of the employees of the organization help a customization team in effectively analyzing the requirements. This process enables the listing of shortcomings of the existing ERP or existing version of the ERP. The users can also get an idea of the missing features of the ERP tool. A technical team capable of picking the right module or functionality when a customer points out a requirement can assist the business in finalizing the customization process. 

A dedicated customization team will review the latest software tools and Enterprise Resource Planning platforms used by the industry to which the business belongs. This helps the team to quickly identify the setbacks of their existing ERP too. If the company is the previous version of Odoo, they can suggest the improved features available in Odoo 16.

 Step 2 – GAP Analysis

A quick study of the features available and the features required is known as gap analysis. The customization team uses the data gathered during the requirement gathering process to complete this step. Expert knowledge in Odoo 16 features helps the team to effortlessly point out the functionalities to be added or upgraded.

GAP analysis assures the client of a complete overview of the existing system and the missing features. An evaluation of the value of the ERP system will support the efficient organization of the activities.

Step 3 – Feasibility study

Set aside all the assumptions and go ahead with a realistic plan by carrying out a feasibility study. A process to ensure that the customization process is feasible for the organization, a feasibility study also helps the business to make a better decision before going ahead with Odoo 16 Customization.

The feasibility study is a front-end process that plays a crucial role in integrating the systems and upgrading the ERP software. The feasibility study lists all the roadblocks and plans the customization process by understanding the hurdles. The study report will help to set realistic goals and understand the limitations.

Step 4 – Estimate Preparation

Get an accurate idea about the cost of the customization process to plan your budget accordingly. The fourth phase of Odoo 16 customization is the Estimation process. The accurate time required for the completion of the customization and the cost for every step of the customization will be stated in the estimate.

A detailed estimate helps the business to have complete control over the customization project. An estimate in advance will ensure a better relationship between the investor and the customization team.

Step 5 – Getting Customer Approval

Getting timely approval from the customer speeds up the customization project. If the customer is happy with the requirement analysis, gap analysis, feasibility report and customization estimate, the technical team will get a nod for proceeding with the customization work. Odoo partners will start the customization process immediately by getting approval from the business team.

Step 6 – Customization Process

ERP customization is a process that involves the development of new features and functionalities. An Odoo Silver Partner, like Bassam, will engage in the development process by assessing the requirement of the company. The team will try to include all possible features suggested by the client.

The features will be upgraded to suit the specific operations of the company. Odoo ERP customization opens up new frontiers before the businesses. Customization enhances business operations and bridges the gap between the existing features of the ERP and the latest software tools used in the industry. 

Odoo Customization guarantees enhanced user-friendliness and flexibility of the ERP tool. With added features, customized Odoo ERP will guarantee improvised automation support for flexible operations.

Step 7 – ERP Testing and Delivery

Odoo Development, implementation or customization, the final product is tested to assure error-free transfer. The Odoo team will go ahead with multiple integrated testing and unit testing. The testing phase ensures the efficient functioning of the ERP solution and prevents any kind of error. Finally, Once the ERP is tested, it will be delivered to the customer.

The Best ERP customization team, Bassam Infotech, ensures you a set of benefits. They are:

Easy Installation

Odoo 16 customization is a trouble-free process that promises easy installation. Also Downloading the modules in zip format and installing the module is a fast process that takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Odoo is a synonym for a user-friendly interface. Easy to use and easy to learn modules and applications, every employee of an organization can easily manage and operate Odoo ERP with minimal training and support.


An Open ERP, Odoo customization is the most viable option for any business. Bassam Infotech, a leading Odoo implementation, customization and development team in India, guarantees you complete support for Odoo 16 Customization. Our team has been in the ERP implementation sector for 25 years, and this experience helps us deliver our service most efficiently.

You have reached the right place if you are planning a new ERP Software installation. Bassam Infotech has successfully implemented many Odoo ERP systems around the globe. We have also created and delivered custom Odoo applications at a low Odoo implementation price.

Customize Odoo

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