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December 30, 2020

 Let your business touch new heights with Bassam Infotech. Enhanced technical efficiency, transparency, and efficient management of business operations by Bassam Infotech Odoo ERP software will surely help you coordinate all business operations with a click. With smooth ERP support assured by Bassam Infotech, any business can systematize various operations. Bassam Infotech’s Odoo Tools can ensure improvement of the accuracy and speed of different wings. The performance level of employees, machines, and work centers can be improved. It also supports you in managing the supply chain by coordinating the purchase, sale, and delivery activities. It also helps manage e-commerce, and point of sale and guarantees improvised communication with customers.

Customization helps any business to maximize the use of ERP. Optimum utilization of the solution helps to complete different tasks systematically. We help you integrate applications so that you can review and monitor the status of your work from anywhere. Employee performance and payment details can also be viewed and documented to enhance the workforce’s performance level. It helps to ensure support for planning, implementation, and management of works.

Benefits of Bassam Infotech Odoo ERP Software That You Must Know About

  • Enhanced Efficiency

A proper system to manage and operate employees and operations, Odoo ERP Software helps businesses of all types to improve overall efficiency. It guarantees efficient use of working hours, better employee performance, and a proper system for time management. Customer satisfaction is also guaranteed with transparent customer support mechanisms. Bassam Infotech helps the business to integrate all required Software solutions in a skilled manner avoiding technical glitches. Foreseeing the future needs of your business, team Bassam Infotech provides training and support to the user team. It supports users in optimizing the use of Odoo ERP.

  • Assures Transparency in Workflow

Odoo ERP software implemented by the Best Odoo ERP implementing company, Bassam Infotech, promises transparency in operations. The investor and the managers can take a glance at all operations and financial transactions from anywhere in the world with the support Odoo ERP tool. Bassam Infotech, with a constant support system, comes to the help of the investor to detect any technical issues. Order management, be it sale orders, purchase orders, or manufacturing orders, can be organized, and payment procedures completed efficiently with the Odoo ERP platform. The cloud-based ERP solution offered by Bassam Infotech also offers you a total solution for managing accounting and budget management. Multiple users from across the globe can review and access the operations and continuously monitor the business’s performance.

  • Data Centralization

Accessing documents and data safely and securely becomes easier with the Odoo ERP solution offered by Bassam Infotech. The experienced team members of Bassam Infotech guarantee you support against software hacking. Security of the documents and contact details also is assured with ERP tools. Cloud platform saves your time and investment as no internal servers or backup systems are required to save documents. All business transactions and documentation get centralized with the ERP platform. Monitoring, control, approval, and rejection of different operations can be systemized here.


  • Improves customer Relationship Management

Customize your customer relationship with a custom ERP tool by Bassam Infotech. From creating contact lists to delivering products and services gets coordinated smoothly with the Odoo ERP solution. Managing the sales pipeline also gets simplified with Odoo ERP Software implemented by Bassam Infotech. It also helps to generate leads, assign teams to manage leads and convert leads into opportunities. Bassam Infotech also supports the investor to manage live chat on e-commerce websites to improve customer relationships.

  • Efficiently manage purchase operations.

Every business needs an efficient purchase management system to purchase services, products, or raw materials. Vendor management, vendor bill management, order management, report generation, and other operations get centralized with Odoo support. Being an Open Source Software Solution, Odoo can be customized to suit the needs of a buyer. It helps to manage all vendor details and sort vendor quotations. Automation of purchase orders and product management also gets easier with Odoo ERP.

  • Comprehensive Human Resources Solution

 Humanely managing human resources makes an organization an employee-friendly institution. Odoo HRMS, integrated and implemented by Bassam Infotech, can also set aside all your employee-related worries. Manage employee contact, employee documents, recruitment, appraisal, and all other activities with the Odoo tool. We will also help you integrate contacts, payroll, attendance, time off, expenses, and other activities with Odoo. Effective integration of all human resources-related features helps you to manage the employee’s working hours, shifts, and leave. Employee time off, leave approval and rejection, and employee expenses also become effortless to manage with a well-integrated ERP solution.

  • Efficient Warehouse Management

Manage your warehouse from anywhere- Join hands with Bassam Infotech for Odoo Implementation. Ease stock and product life cycle management, expiry date management, and packing and labeling with ERP solution. Scrap management and repair management at the warehouse level can also be coordinated with the help of an efficient ERP platform offered by our skilled team. It also supports you to manage the internal transfer, delivery orders, PoS orders, drop-ship service, and manufacturing.

  • Enhanced Marketing Operations

The success of marketing decides the success of a business. With Odoo Open Source solution, an experienced Odoo ERP Implementation Company like Bassam Infotech can integrate different marketing tools and sales operations. Odoo Sales ensures support for quotation and order management. Email marketing, SMS marketing, and social marketing tools can be also integrated with the sales wing to help the users generate and manage leads effectively. Introducing offers and campaigns can also be managed with this tool.

  • Safe and Effective Documentation

Document and contract management also get simplified with the Odoo solution. Your best ERP implementation Company, Bassam Infotech, can help you save and manage documents efficiently. It is easier to share documents, manage e-verification, and e-signing with Bassam’s support.

  • Enhanced Maintenance

 Every industry, minor or major, manufacturing or service requires maintenance support. With Odoo, employees or managers can register maintenance requests and assign maintenance teams. It is painless to prioritize maintenance work with ERP solutions. Odoo also helps you to manage preventive and corrective maintenance work ERP support systems. It also supports monitoring the status of the work and progress at each stage.


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