How Bassam Infotech become the best cloud-based ERP provider ?

November 30, 2020

Business firms are on Cloud Nine as they don’t have to worry about server maintenance and server backup because Bassam Infotech Cloud-based ERP Software Solutions are ruling the market now. A cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning Software helps business firms and other organizations to save money and resources by offering server support through the internet.

Bassam Infotech the best ERP implementation company, offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for business ventures planning to opt for cloud-based ERP. With a well-trained technical wing that can implement Cloud-based ERP and is efficient in managing data migration and custom ERP supportBassam Infotech helps develop and implement the best cloud-based ERP solution for every business. We assure you that our cloud-based ERP tool will make it accessible for operators from any part of the world. The geographical boundaries will thus become narrow to widen the digital world to unfathomable heights.

What is the Cloud?

We can define cloud as server support through the internet. When a person is using cloud software, the user will not have to install and maintain a physical server. Just pay the fee for availing of the server support and enjoy uninterrupted and user-friendly server support using the e-platform. Depending on the Cloud, a user will not have to run enterprise resource tools on internal servers.

What is Cloud-based ERP?

An ERP that can run on Cloud is called a Cloud-based ERP. It is a cost-effective ERP support that any business inconsiderate of size can access. In addition, it reduces to a great extent the individual responsibility in managing and running their server, which requires a lot of human resources and planning.

Top Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP

  1. Cost-Effective
  2. No upfront expenses
  3. Shared resources
  4. Payment can be adjusted based on usage
  5. Can access ERP from anywhere and anytime.
  6. Multiple users can access files and documents if permitted to do so.
  7. More beneficial for small and medium business enterprises that cannot invest much in setting up their servers
  8. Can reduce IT support staff and reduce expenses for maintenance.
  9. Quick installation and high speed
  10. Reduced chances of hacking
  11. Ensured backup and disaster recovery plan.

Which is the Best Cloud-based ERP?

The cost-effectiveness, user-friendly interface, and integration of different ERP solutions and applications make Bassam Infotech Odoo ERP the best choice for any organization. It is easy to find the best ERP for your business requirements from a set of Cloud-based ERPs by analyzing the ERP features.

There are different cloud platforms available for aspiring entrepreneurs in the sector. Being the Top Odoo ERP Software provider Bassam Infotech Odoo uses SaaS or Software as a Service to provide ERP support. Here, Odoo delivers all ERP help over the Internet. The ability to make use of the computer facility and internet access from any locality to access the cloud mount details makes Odoo the perfect choice for many.

Believe it, one can manage all your business needs effortlessly with Odoo support. The software solution can easily integrate major modules and ensure customization. Being an Open Source Software, Odoo enables users to customize and update the features.


Suitable for any business

Odoo ERP offers comprehensive management support for all functions. Unlike many ERP solutions, which offer strong support for accounts and human resources management alone, Odoo offers thorough support for all functionalities. As a result, it offers a window for better user experience and results.

Integration of modules and applications

One can ensure total support for managing all operations in an organization by integrating different Odoo Modules. ManufacturingAccountingSales, Purchase, HR management, and every other module in Odoo is designed to offer the best support to the business. Integration of the module offers support to improve operations and increase productivity.


Odoo is a cost-effective ERP solution compared to that of its competitors. The cloud platform helps a business to further reduce the upfront cost. The payment structure can be customized the same way the Odoo functionalities can be customized.

Ease of use

Odoo offers an easy-to-manage user interface. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Any user can access manufacturing/ Sale/Purchase/ other documents provided they have permission to do so. Make sure that your ERP updates every document regularly. Merging and deduplication support help coordinate the operations of different wings.

Suitable for all businesses

Is an ERP suitable for a multi-crore business alone? For sure, the answer is ‘No.’ Odoo has developed ERP tools for different business requirements. Being the Official Odoo Partner Bassam Infotech offers the best Odoo service at a reduced cost. In addition, Odoo ensures that small and medium businesses can also use the modular ERP application.

Traceability of business operations

Connecting departments and wings, Odoo offers a platform to share inter-departmental communication. Sharing of documents, including sales quotes and purchase orders to the accounts, and seeking approval for Request for Quotation from the help of Odoo HRMS are the unique features of Odoo. It ensures that an accountant can trace all financial transactions, and a manager can monitor the performance of all his employees. The user’s distance or location is not a matter of concern when you are using Bassam Infotech Odoo Cloud ERP.

Ever-Evolving Software Solution

Are you worried about your ERP application’s suitability to satisfy future requirements? It is time to embrace Odoo, and you can leave aside all such worries. Every year, Odoo comes up with software enhancements and new modules to speed up business operations. Every new version of Odoo gives an improved experience to the users. New functions are also introduced to meet the time. Odoo can ensure efficient management of accounts, sales, purchases, contact management, marketing, and other business activities with frequent updates and enhancements. The vision of the Odoo team helps them develop new modules to suit future business opportunities.

Custom-ERP support

No need to trim your feet to suit your shoes. Odoo helps you to design custom-made ERP solutions to support all your needs. Unlike an ERP support system where the user will have to fit in his requirements, Odoo helps to design ERP tools especially to suit your demands. Odoo Implementing companies have special teams to study the requirements of a business. The ERP tool is developed considering the requirements. Besides, it offers support to integrate different functional modules to enable the business to perform well. It its multi-country, multi-location, and multi-currency operations. It assures real-time management of operations across the globe, giving a new dimension to business.

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