Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Odoo 15

December 9, 2021

Odoo CRM allows businesses to become much easier to find new customers, and it helps to focus on their company’s relationships with existing customers. In the list of Odoo ERP modules, the Odoo CRM is one of the prominent modules and can be applied to large-scale and small-scale indexed businesses. Odoo 15 CRM module can help discover new business opportunities.

Odoo has been introduced with a variety of features in Customer relationship management other than Odoo 14. Compared to Odoo 14, the Odoo 15th version has an advanced user interface and advanced filtering option. So the user can manage CRM user-friendly, and the filtering option makes it easy to discover specific data you need. And various view formats in Odoo 15 such as Kanban view, List view, Calendar view, Pivot view, Graph view, Cohort view, Dashboard view, Map View, and Activity view make users easily analyze.

Check out the Various Features of Odoo 15 CRM below.

Advanced user interface and filtering option

You Can assign different pr

Different priorities for Activities

priorities such as Medium, High, and Very High to leads. To ensure that the person responsible can quickly recognize the importance and take the further analysis of the lead or contact in further processing.

Stages can be customized

The Odoo CRM Pipeline stages can be altered by removing, adding, or changing various stages or features depending on your company’s needs.

Drag and drop feature In Pipeline

A well-managed pipeline helps to maintain leads only. The fresh lead’s potential, qualified leads, opportunities, and everything else are organized in various phases based on their progress. The drag-and-drop feature in the Pipeline helps you to manage your tasks quickly. If an opportunity is won, you can easily drag and drop the record from one stage to another.

Leads can be imported to an XLSX file

Automated lead generation

Leads can be generated automatically through calls, emails, and social media sites, as well as other factors.

Emails and Sms can be sent to a bulk of customers from the Pipeline.

Emails ans Sms can be send to bulk of customer from the Pipeline

CRM Forecast Report

 A forecast report in the CRM helps sales teams accurately predict future sales growth based on their Pipeline of potential deals. In the Odoo 15 applying Upcoming Closings, My Pipeline, and Expected Closing per month filter on Opportunities, the forecast report can be taken.

CRM Forecast Report

Multi Teams

The user can assign one salesperson to various sales teams.

Multi Teams

Rule-Based Assignment

Assign leads based on rules regularly. All sales teams use this default setting unless specifically stated otherwise.

Rule Based Assignment

Similar leads view

Similar leads can also be viewed through CRM by pressing the smart button.

Similar leads view

Creating a Lead

To create a lead, click Create Lead from the lead menu, and then enter the lead’s description, along with the customer’s name. The user can enrich the lead by selecting the enrich option available or can be made as lost by clicking the lost button when the lead can no longer be created as an opportunity.

Creating a Lead

There are options available for the quotation creation with an existing customer or a new creation of a customer. We can allocate the salesperson and the sales team. On selecting to link to an existing customer, the user will be depicted with options to link the lead to the customer available.

New Quotation

Creating Sales quotations

By clicking the new quotation button from the lead menu, the user can create a sale quotation. By adding all the required details along with products will be created sale quotation.

Creating Sales quotations

The quotations can be sent to the customer via email by selecting the send by email button from the quotation form window. The email template loaded by default can be modified based on the user’s needs.

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