Odoo Erp for Footwear Manufacturing Industry

January 19, 2022

The most significant segment of leather businesses is footwear. Large-scale manufacturing units made leather slippers and shoes, while small and medium-sized cottage sectors produced sandals and slippers. Automation in the industry has created more complexity and added to the amount of data to handle. This sector’s supply chain has multiple stages. Each stage requires a lot of data that must be analyzed and captured. To automate the entire system requires careful analysis. Bassam Infotech Manufacturing Erp Software helps the company to manage and improve all the processes easily.

The footwear industry is faced with challenges such as adverse order frequency, changing market trends, the constant pressure to improve value, fixed costs, regulations in different countries, etc.

Odoo Manufacturing ERP Software is an efficient, cost-effective solution that helps the footwear industry integrate all processes, automate and reduce costs. It is cloud-based, so it is great for companies with multiple manufacturing plants. Companies can also save money on IT infrastructure and maintenance.

India’s largest industry is the footwear industry. The Shoe industry is subject to fluctuation in demand, processing capabilities, seasonal trends, and operating costs. However, Bassam Infotech Odoo Erp helps businesses in the Footwear sector to streamline and improve their business processes. Our Manufacturing ERP software can solve all industry needs, including product development, planning, production, dispatch, and accounting.

Bassam Infotech Odoo ERP comes with Multiple Modules, including Planning & Production Module, Payroll Module, Procurement & Inventory Module, Financial & Sales Accounting Security Settings Module, etc. Every Module is designed and developed using in-depth knowledge about the Footwear Industry. It is also tightly integrated with Seamless Features and Functionalities to make it easy for companies to manage their day-to-day challenges and plan their resources efficiently.


Benefits of Odoo Footwear Manufacturing ERP Software

  1. Effective Process Management
  2. Streamlined Workflow
  3. Lower Overhead costs
  4. Multiple Reports
  5. Outstanding Inventory Management
  6. Better Finance & Account Management
  7. Easy-to-use and flexible User Interface
  8. You have full control over vendor data and product development in Real-Time

Bassam Infotech the Odoo Silver Partner Company provides the most competent and flexible Odoo Erp software for Footwear Industry. Manufacturing ERP software also allows manufacturers to integrate their processes across multiple units, automate them, store and access data in one place, and manage costs efficiently.

Benefits of Odoo ERP for Footwear Industry

  1. Manufacture products in line with market trends and present them faster than competitors
  2. Flexible style framework for footwear manufactures
  3. Multichannel orders: it can process Orders online and disconnected using a single interface
  4. Real-time stock observation on distribution center
  5. Support for multichannel deals
  6. Advanced bill of materials utility to simplify the assembly process and save time
  7. Quick arrangement for preparation and dispatch
  8. Stock auto-recharging
  9. Cloud-based access means that you have constant access to important business information.
  10. Both in-house and contract-producing support
  11. Stock precision at the highest level with item permeability
  12. Supports programmed generation
  13. Multi-distribution center capacity
  14. Absolute consistency in business controls
  15. User-friendly, revealing dashboards and notable displays
  16. Reduced wastage, optimal material usage, and stock administration can all also help to control costs.
  17. Enhanced Consumer loyalty and reliability
  18. Improved understanding of the buying behavior and examples of clients
  19. Bi-directional end-to-end traceability from the raw material to the finished item and back
  20. Operational productivity improved
  21. The product handles all statutory requirements, also including GST, effortlessly.

Bassam Infotech is the Best Erp Implementer. We provide the best business solutions, and consulting, and identify the areas for improvement using our business knowledge and expertise.

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