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August 24, 2020

The jewelry industry is one of the most ancient industries globally, and the constant need for new designs and patterns is the key feature of the ever-evolving industry. Gold or diamond, the ornaments replicate one’s lifestyle, culture, and tradition. Never never-ending demand for ornaments often reflects social status and improves prospects. And that itself highlights the distinctiveness of Odoo Jewellery ERP Software.

How Important is it to have an Odoo ERP for the Jewellery Industry?

ERP Stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. A well-designed ERP Software is a jewel in the crown of the ever-blooming industry. The global jewelry market, which made a business of 279 billion US Dollars in 2018, is expected to touch the 480 billion US Dollar bar by 2025. These statistics have a flourishing story to tell.

Using cloud-based Odoo ERP Software and Odoo ERP integration can surely help jewelry business operators to leap ahead of time. An Odoo ERP platform offers assistance for the comprehensive operation of designing, design selection, management of different materials, and quality control. Top Odoo ERP systems work as an all-around control and monitoring system, helping with the operation, planning, and marketing aspects.

Why Choose ODOO?

Odoo ERP is an Open Source ERP with a wide range of customizable features. Manufacturing Industry, being one of the most important industries across the globe, Odoo has developed a large array of exclusive software features to support different business sectors engaging in the manufacturing process. Any jewelry investor can rely on Odoo support for managing stock, inventory, purchase, and other processes. Management of everything from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of the final product becomes comprehensive with Odoo implementation.

Let’s take a glance at the key features of Odoo Jewellery ERP Software.

Order Management

The jewelry manufacturing industry needs the Best Odoo ERP support for managing different types of orders. This feature of the Odoo ERP Application enables the user to get rid of all their worries about order management. The systematic arrangement of manufacturing orders from retailers is made easy with Odoo Jewelry Manufacturing Erp Software. This helps to plan the units of measure of every jewelry item. The management of sale orders, purchase orders, and order summaries can also be accessed and processed without delay with Odoo. It also enables us to manage,

  • Repair orders
  • Work order
  • Unbilled order
  • Barcode


Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Are you worried about Bill of Materials (BOM) preparation and MRP? Leave all your worries. We, the Best Odoo Partner, assure you the Best Odoo support to address all that you need. MRP feature of Odoo helps to plan the procurement process based on demand and order.

Be it the preparation of a Bill of Material based on manufacturing order the listing of components, or the quality of raw materials including gold, gems, or diamond. The number of components used for manufacturing each jewelry design can be labeled easily with the professional Bill of Materials.

Scheduling Work and Managing the Workforce 

Odoo ERP Implementation will help any investor prepare an effective work schedule to optimize productivity. Calculating the potential of the workforce based on the work center capacity can also help the industry. Efficient scheduling of work hours and workforce can avoid wastage of time and resources. Meeting deadlines also becomes easier with proper time management. Odoo jewelry management system offers your assistance to manage,

  • Work center capacity
  • Work hour management
  • Time management
  • Reschedule easily

Master Data Management

The Master Data management feature of Odoo helps the investor to be well-equipped to manage customer relations, product management, and other tasks. Master data stores all details of the customers, including address, location, and purchase trend. Details on the use of different materials, including metal, gold, and gemstone, can be managed with Master Data. Besides, it will help to coordinate the operation of different warehouses and timely transactions with retailers located at different places.

Quality Control

The jewelry industry constantly needs quality checks at different stages of processing. Checking the quality to avoid design errors, dents, pull tests, and the quality of the material used can be done with quality control settings, quality points, and checks.

With this tool, one can assure quality control over the different processes involved in jewelry processing with Odoo implementation. Refining gold and other metals and freeing the components from dust and other unwanted substances can be done systematically with Odoo ERP.

Maintenance and Repair Management

Timely maintenance of machinery is mandatory to ensure maximum utilization of work hours and work center capacity in any industry. Odoo apps enable the user to get maintenance alerts based on the maintenance timing. The generation of requests for repair work by the control panel during emergencies is also crucial to completing the work on time. Internal and external maintenance management, and managing a maintenance calendar for the industry can be done by successful Odoo Jewellery ERP Software Implementation.

Report Generation

Report generation and analysis of the performance and sales help all business sectors to plan for future projects. Generating reports on product orders, manufacturing processes, work-hour management, sales, and marketing can be done with a click with Odoo ERP support. Odoo, the best open-source software, enables analysis of cost, waste generation, and workforce performance. Every aspect of the business can be consolidated and analyzed with Top Odoo ERP Solutions.

Inventory Management

Surveillance system integrated inventory management is made possible with Odoo Jewellery ERP Software. It helps to coordinate stock handling, managing lots and batches of products, and traceability of raw materials and products. Management of stock and sending an alert about dead stock and the need for trendy designs can be incorporated into the custom ERP of Odoo.

Let’s sum up

Odoo also offers support for several features that are available in all Odoo Manufacturing ERPs. They are,

  • Waste Management
  • Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)
  • Barcoding
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Workforce Management
  • Shipment and Traceability
  • Account Management

Incorporate all operations with the support of the e-platform and integrate different departments and work centers the Odoo way. Management of the supply chain and setting delivery standards also become effortless with the Odoo ERP. Providing all-around support with Odoo ERP operation, Bassam Infotech promises to smoothen all operations and reap success in the sparkling yellow metal industry.

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