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Are you planning to Implement a new Erp System? | Steps when Transitioning to a New Erp System | New Erp Implementation Methodologies

ERP system are a must for a growing company. Using ERP, you can easily capture and process your transactions and have good control over your internal systems. By properly configuring your security rules, you can decide who can access what and who cannot access especially confidential information like Cost, Recipe, Salary details and other financial confidential data. You can easily define your workflow and can stop multiple data entry where the data can be flown from one process to another. You can easily analyze your top line and bottom line, wastages, leakage of resources, inventory variance, overdue and any other information that you would like to know and that too in a few clicks and within few seconds.

Now, are you satisfied with your existing ERP ? Is it giving you the above-mentioned information, and is it giving easiness in your operations?

If not, then this is the right time to change your ERP. Now the question is to which ERP you should change, and the answer is simple. First, check whether the new ERP you choose to implement will provide you with the information mentioned above.

While transitioning to a new ERP system, or even while implementing the ERP for the first time, you need to be very cautious. You need to know exactly what you are expecting from the ERP. You must be able to list out all your existing as is process and also to document all your requirements for the new ERP system. This must be able to communicate to your new ERP vendor. Also, you need to make sure your new ERP vendor understands your system and your process and your expectations from the new ERP. Else the implementation will be a disaster. Most of the ERP implementations fail because your vendor will not understand your expectation from the new ERP. Also, you need to understand the capability of the new ERP systems. Whether it is fit for all your operations? Whether the ERP is fit within your budget? Whether the ERP can be tailored based on your needs? Whether the system is capable of scaling the process when your business grows? Whether the ERP is fulfilling all your needs and whether it offers minimal data entry and good reporting? Whether the implementer have enough experience both in product and process and functionally sound? If the answer is yes to all the questions, then after implementing the ERP, you will have a good business solution available in your organization.


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