Odoo 15 Social Marketing Module

January 25, 2022

Social marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies nowadays. Social media can improve business-to-client relationships. The Odoo Social marketing module is highly efficient and useful in marketing and will access your customers to have active participation in the marketing events allowing you to make your business faster. With Odoo version 15, you will have access to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc

Important Specifications of Odoo Social marketing Module

  • Directly shoot posts or tweets and record them with notorious social media platforms to induce maximum reach to the customer and leads. 
  • It’ll warn all your website subscribers by Web pop Up Announcement dispatches.
  • You can communicate with your community directly with aqueduct similar as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter from the dashboard of the module to get perceptivity on the request
  • Get every single detail on your Odoo marketing crusade Clicks, Earnings, Leads generated or created, and Deals with the support of completely integrated juggernauts similar as Emails, SMS, pop up announcements, and social tweets. 
  • The link tracking point will warrant you to cover the trip of a link and the profit that it has generated along with the leads. 
  • Configuration and Usage

The image shows the dashboard of the Social marketing module.

odoo marketing

To start with the marketing with other social media software other than the existing websites, add a social media website into the stream. Enabling and using the module is simple. Go to your social marketing software and form the Dashboard press on the Add a stream button to add a social media account to Odoo 15.

It will give you a set of utmost notorious social media spots to choose from. 

social marketing

Choose the Social media platform that you need to market with. The Social media website that you take will be liked with Odoo to create a combined working atmosphere. Give the access permissions to add and link your social media accounts. After adding the social media pages, Odoo will transmit you to the Feed, and it will automatically create a column with the publication.

odoo social marketing

To present the content on your social media, you can either go to the New tweet option or the button from the Social marketing dashboard.

odoo 15

You can also create a social post from the post tab on Odoo.

social media marketing

Press on it, and the Posts sections page will open.

odoo version 15

Users can configure the full post form here. If users have connected your social media accounts, you can find it under the post-on option. Choose the social media through which you need to partake in the marketing post. Then, all you have to do is configure the entire process along with the message and the files that you want to upload as the post, Except for pop-up notification options.

With the feature of Calendar, the Odoo social marketing application, you can have detailed information about your tweets. You have a detailed overview of the full process, even the tweet that is drafted and the posts that are planned to upload later. We can penetrate the timetable option from the Post tab. Then under the Posts tab, click on the Timetable view. 

Press on the calendar button as highlighted.

marketing automation odoo

From then, you can have information about the posts. This specification is top useful if there are big quantities of tweets lining up across multiple social media. With the specs, you can power full manage and information the entire process and examiner tweets and marketing simply. 

Push Notification

The web notifies announcement option plays an important part In marketing communication delivery. This specification will ready you to send messages to the clients’ gadgets. Users can use these specifications to alert the client of the programs, New Products, News of the company, seminars, product details, and many more things. In order to do this, you need the access of the users so that they can be sure that their info is safe. You can enable this feature from the site enable settings and scroll to find the Web push pop-ups section.

odoo marketing automation
Configure the Push pop-up messages from here.

Enter the title of the content, the Body of the content, and the Delay time, which is important for the wait time for the access request to be seen once the user visits your webpage. Then, select the icon and upload it by pressing the Upload your Life Button in Odoo.

After enabling the Web pop-up notifications the specification, you can get permissions to the feature from the Social marketing in Odoo.

User Can select from the visitors personally and as a bunch to send the pop-Up. Go to the Visitors tab from the Social marketing software and see the clients who are now online. That the online visitors will be shown with a green color dot and those who are now offline with a Red color dot. You can send messages to online visitors.

Choose the individuals you need to alert with the Push pop-ups from the list. The page will open up with the details of the visitors.

odoo social marketing app
odoo module

Users can see the push messages options from here, and click on it to enable it. But in order to create a bunch or send it to several groups, go to the Create button in the Post tab from the dashboard of the social marketing in Odoo.

Users will be taken to a enable tab to configure and create new social tweets.


In the top picture, the boundary section, see the Push pop-up options. You can enable the full messages from here. Note that you can either use this method or use them before the nominated concept to enable your push pop-ups. In addition, you can set rules on messages from here so that the pop-ups will be transmitted to the clients or leads who are under the rules that you have ordered.


You can create and powerful manage a Campaign in the odoo from the Campaign tab of Social marketing. Press on the Campaign to create campaigns.

Odoo Campaign

A faster configuration page will be visible to enable the Campaign.

Enter the information to enable the Campaign and set the individual for the Campaign. After the enable, use the Add button to register the Campaign. The recently made Campaign will be shown in the Campaign section of Odoo.

Press on it to have an informed view of the recently made Campaign.

odoo v 15

 Then you have several options to let your callers or the guests know about the newly created Crusade. You can transmit the Campaign via Social media tweets, messages, or notifications. After choosing the desired route to send the campaign details, Odoo will give you the configuration page like the option you have to choose.

Besides this, you can have every single information on the Campaign. Including the information on Revenues, Quotations, Opportunities, and even the number of clicks on the Campaign that you have sent in Odoo.

Social media tweets

Get live updates over here on your Campaign to improve and develop your marketing strategy and its powerfully.


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