Odoo 16 Sales and Distribution Software

November 2, 2022

The success of any small-scale or large-scale industrial or service venture in the modern era depends upon the successful operation of its sales and distribution activities. Gone are the days when the manufacturers sourced the traditional tools to handle the process which was quite a time-consuming affair.

Coordination of sales and distribution activities has been an evolving field since the entry of cost-effective enterprise resource software. Odoo, being the best ERP, still leads this field as well with its handpicked and customized options for aspiring entrepreneurs. Any of the Best Odoo Companies can easily complete the implementation process.

Data on fingertips

The ability to manage data from multiple sources and its effective integration for quick reference make Odoo 16 sales and distribution modules stand out in the industry. Almost all the system functionalities of Odoo have been integrated or can be integrated with these modules for perfect operation.

One can easily manage their products from a single platform and track updates with no strain. The easy-to-use interface tops all the other major features. Integration of Customer Relationship Modules will give more advantages in streamlining the sales and distribution functions.

The product tab and dashboards of the module help to have a quick look at the stock. One can have the ease of having these details even on their mobile phones, tabs,, or other devices with permission.

Automated functionalities

The manual entry of huge loads of data will be a thing of the past with the introduction Odoo 16 modules in sales and distribution. There is improved protection to prevent any data loss or errors in data entry. The features of advanced system notifications are noteworthy to keep tabs on errors. Once it gets activated, the senders can have prior notifications while releasing quotations.

By exploring to 16 sales modules, one can make professional quotations with no hazards. There are multiple options provided for making quotations with predefined products, price lists, and templates. There is also a possibility for the design and re-use of the quotation templates for saving time if you depend on a trusted Odoo Implementation Service like Bassam.

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E-signature options

Singing important documents digitally is one of the important roles for those handling the major roles in a company. Using the Odoo 16 module for sales and distribution, one can have a better digital signing experience. The customers will also be able to use this option.

The feature also allows customers to easily review their quotations and sign if they want to cooperate with further proceedings. The main aim of such a feature is to speed up the commercial business activities by the sales or marketing team. With just a click, one will convert quotations into sales orders. There are also options to edit or make further modifications to the sales orders.

  Easy invoice management

 Odoo 16 sales module makes invoice management a cakewalk. It offers an easy way to manage or review all your invoices in one place in a simplified module. Options are multiple and one can select the one to meet their business requirements. There is also freedom for the operator to manage the invoice policies and apply additional ones.

Tracking contracts will be very easy using the invoice management options in the module. All these options make sure that the user gets a unique invoice management experience saving his precious time. Issuing clear and complete customer invoices using the integrated mail services will be a new experience for all proud owners of the new module.

 Integrated applications for other services

Integrating several productive and user-friendly applications is possible with Odoo 16 sales and distribution module. Customer relation Modules (CRM), accounting, inventory, and e-commerce are all part of the components for facilitating such an integration.

Odoo 16 CRM module can work effectively with the sales module for giving the sales team up-to-date information and leads to carry out their job. CRM integration with the sales module will also provide the sales team with quick access to the possible sales lead and follow it up quickly. The live chat features and other communication tools will come as an added advantage to aid the process.

Integrating the accounting module will help the invoicing needs for the sales module. Its features to generate clear invoices automatically on the basis of sales orders, delivery orders and contracts reduce a lot of work time. The accounting wing will get a clear picture of the daily happenings with the sales and distribution wing.

Scope to boost e-commerce

The main role of the Odoo 16 sales and distribution Software is to support e-commerce ventures. Converting your business into a totally new world of e-commerce will fetch its rewards in the shortest possible time.

A fully integrated online store is not just a dream with Odoo 16 sales and distribution module. It will help companies to engage in direct sales practices.

Better client management

One can relook at the conventional style of client management for a change. What this module offers to prospective clients is a single-point solution for effective customer relationship management. Such single-point-based operations will ensure more clarity in communications and improve the chances of a better performance in sales.

Playing different roles in communicating with the customers becomes easy with this module. Quick alerts using custom-made templates or emailing with a professional touch to a particular client will become an easy part of the job with the new module. There are also options to receive quick alerts on the activities of the key clients in the sales and distribution network.

Workflow management

Reduced data and workflow management are added advantages of having Odoo 16 sales and distribution modules. The technical hurdles will become less with the introduction of the system. Naturally, the production time will increase. More transactions within a limited time frame are the attraction of the streamlined workflow management system supported by the new sales and distribution module.

An improved product management functions with a long list of convenient tools make Odoo 16’s sales and distribution module a favorite pick of aspiring business units. The number of integrations made by companies in the process of its use endorses the module’s popularity and its effectiveness in supporting the great business goals of entrepreneurs.


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