Odoo vs Oracle Comparison | Best ERP Solution for Your Business

November 16, 2022

Business software and ERP tools are different. But with the latest improvisations and upgrades, ERPs are now replacing business software solutions. Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning tools are the leading ERP players in the business field. Business management, human resources management, and many more tasks take simpler routes with ERP.

 Selecting the best ERP tool is not that simple a task for any business. Even though there are many ERP tools, it is better to find out the one that is made for your business. ERP development firms engaging in introducing newer ERP solutions. This blog will work as a guide to learning how two of the leading ERP players help business management. We are considering Oracle vs Odoo in this blog. 

  Odoo vs Oracle

Oracle and Odoo, are used across the globe. But to know which of these will be more suitable for your business, you should know Oracle and Odoo. We can now compare the enterprise versions of these two ERP platforms and find out the advantages and disadvantages of these two tools. 

ERP implementation is not a process that should be completed in a hurry. Serious planning and thought processes should be involved in ERP implementation as the cost is high. The companies must be able to avail the benefit of the ERP for a long period, extending for 10-20 years. Though you may need to upgrade the ERP or choose version changes, customization, or integration with newer applications, overall changes should not be necessary. Let us expect this blog will help you board the right train to your destination. 

   ERP Platforms

 With a ladder to scale heights, choose a robust platform to manage your business operations. Consider the functionalities of the solution before finalizing the tool. 

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  • Odoo 

Odoo ERP is an Open-Source software that is popular among enterprise and community edition users. However, here we are talking about the enterprise version as we are comparing it with Oracle. 

  •  Modular Structure

Odoo is an inclusive platform that is suitable to manage many operations. A comprehensive package, it has over 36 modules. A popular tool, Odoo, is used by over 6 million people. A major segment of Odoo users is from small and medium businesses. However, Odoo serves large-scale businesses and start-ups as well. It is the cost-effective support that makes Odoo the favorite of small and medium businesses. The presence of Odoo partners in every country makes it accessible to all. 

  •  Community help

Odoo Open Source gets support from community developers for improvising the versions and developing new applications. The community also assists your team to get proper guidance on the use of the tool.

  • Migration support

As Odoo lacks backward compatibility, shifting from one version to other may require data migration. Though it may sound like a troublesome task, quick support from Odoo partners free you from all these worries. 

  •  Reduced bug issues

A solution developed using Python language, Odoo developers have been trying to fix bugs since the launch of the 8th version. Now, as Odoo is getting ready to release version 16, bug fixing capacity has increased. Besides, the community developer teams also work on bug fixing. 

  •  Reasonable pricing 

Odoo Pricing is what makes Odoo a leading ERP provider. Compared to other ERP tools, including Oracle, Odoo is the most affordable one, with all these functionalities.  

  •  Oracle

Oracle is also an open-source tool and has many features similar to that of Odoo.  

  •  Easy-to-use Database Management System

Oracle follows a multi-model structure. It has easy-to-use RDBMS suitable for online transactions, data storage, etc. It can handle large chunks of application loads and a huge amount of data. 

  •  Scalable

Suitable for businesses of all sizes, small and large businesses can use this tool equally well.

  •    Easy to use

Oracle assures quick integration support with third-party apps and makes them effortless to use. 

  •   Cost-effective

Odoo and Oracle are cost-effective compared to other tools as the implementation charges and monthly service charges are low. However, it is slightly higher for Oracle when compared with Odoo. 

  •   Limited functionality

Oracle does not have as many modules or functionalities as Odoo. It is not suitable for many industries because of this reduced number of functionalities. But for those industries for which it is suitable, it is one of the best tools. 

  Odoo vs Oracle Key Highlights

  •  The monthly charges for Odoo are three times less compared to Oracle. 
  • Odoo has an efficient network of Odoo partners to ensure quick service.
  • Odoo supports enterprise asset management, human resources management, CRM, finance, orders, logistics, purchase, sales, inventory, manufacturing, and Software for Project management. It supports reporting and analysis. 
  • Oracle lacks many features, like distribution, CRM, personnel management, and warehouse management.
  • Oracle is suitable only for cloud platforms, whereas Odoo is suitable for all operating systems on computers and mobile phones.
  •  Odoo supports many languages, including English, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, German, Japanese, etc.
  • The language that Oracle supports is English.
  •  Odoo is fit for long-term use and ensures a single-point solution for all services.
  • It is available in open-source versions, enterprise versions, and SaaS. 
  •  Odoo is growing its network of users and community developers and is also scaling financial heights to be a key player in the future. 
  • If you are looking for an application to manage a global database at an affordable price Odoo is the best solution. Odoo also supports modification and guarantees value to the amount you spend. 
  • Unlike traditional ERP solutions, which make you invest more and harvest less, Odoo is a solution that assures comprehensive service and support at a better price. 

 The selection of your ERP should be purely based on your requirement and your industry. Assess the availability of the functionalities suitable for your industry before finalizing the tool. Also, check your operational requirements before giving a nod to an ERP. Odoo ERP Software Implementation will get you the right tool to scale up your position in the industry. 







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