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July 23, 2022

Technology support has become mandatory for developing any business or managing industry operations. A complete solution for all business needs can enhance growth and manage all business operations in a synchronised manner. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems are the finest tools for accomplishing your business goals in the stipulated time frame. ERP Services ensure complete support for managing human resources, productivity, sales and marketing activities and every other aspect of a business.

Odoo 16, the latest version of Odoo ERP, guarantees comprehensive support for upgrading a business. Odoo 16 is not just an ERP solution but an open-source software solution having all the latest features and functionalities. With hundreds of Odoo partners across the globe, Odoo guarantees the efficient discharge of various services. Odoo partners are ready to assist the customers from ERP implementation to training and integration.

Bassam Infotech, the best Odoo partner, brings you an ERP solution capable of systematising the activities of a business or an organization. A silver partner of Odoo and the best Odoo partner in India, UAE and the USA, Bassam guarantees to deliver all Odoo 16-related services within the minimum time. Bassam has 24 years of experience in ERP implementation and services. Hence our team is equipped to support Odoo implementation and customization for different industries. The fastest evolving ERP platform, Odoo has various modules including human resources, manufacturing, accounting, eCommerce and Inventory to manage your requirements.

Odoo ERP Services

Bassam, a partner of Odoo, offers all Odoo 16 services to our customers. The services we offering:

Odoo Implementation

Odoo ERP Software Implementation is a process that requires a complete assessment of the needs of a company. First, An Odoo Implementation Company studies the business operations, the existing ERP tool, the need for an ERP tool, industry standards and other elements before starting the implementation. And Once the requirement analysis is over, the implementing team develops a platform for the business and configures the features required. Bassam, with the help of an experienced team, guarantees efficient completion of Odoo implementation.

Bassam, a trusted Odoo Implementation partner, can help you in the implementation process in the minimum required time. So, the Odoo team carries out all the stages of implementation systematically to assure the smooth operation of the ERP. 

Odoo Customization

Make your business stand out by customizing your ERP tool to suit your demands. Odoo 16, an open ERP tool, enables you to customize functionalities. The customization process offers personalised support for ERP use. However, only an expert team can carry out the process by assessing the client. Odoo, a modular ERP tool, has different modules to manage all your business operations. However, different businesses may require different levels of each functionality. As result, Odoo 16 Customization service helps you optimize the features and functionalities. So, Bassam, the Best ERP Customization Company, guarantees quick customization support to your business.

Odoo Migration  

Migration is migrating from one ERP to another or migration from the older versions of Odoo to the latest version of Odoo. Bassam Infotech, one of the leading Odoo Implementers in India, readily carries out the review of the existing system, code migration of the custom modules, data migration to the newer version, testing and UAT. We also offer a training process to equip users and sync the data. If the migration is from another ERP tool to Odoo, we carry out data analysis, custom module development and data migration. Besides, we offer testing, UAT and training support to the customers. As we do for migration from older versions to the latest version, we also support the syncing of data.

Odoo Integration

Odoo Integration service will help you move ahead of the world by incorporating unique tools to enhance business operations. Integrating Odoo is possible with payment gateways, social media, biometric devices, SMS gateways and other external tools. Transforming the business for a brighter future, Odoo integration will improvise product procurement, payroll management, inventory management and many other inevitable operations.

Odoo Training

Train your employees to use Odoo in the most efficient way by partnering with Bassam. Our Odoo Training service will help your employees handle the modules effortlessly and manage all operations flawlessly. Our team has 25 years of experience in ERP implementation and training. Above all, We guarantee technical and functional training to help businesses, users, developers and consultants. Corporate training will help your employees before the Odoo ERP implementation process is over. Also, upgrading the knowledge of the employees during Odoo Migration also enhances productivity.

Odoo Support

ERP providers are responsible to provide the clients with support and maintenance services. The best Odoo ERP provider in Kozhikode, Bassam, offers Odoo 16 support packages to customers. Our technically and functionally skilled team supports clients for Odoo development, customization, documentation, training and bug fixing. Hence, round-the-clock support to address all Odoo ERP Software related issues and queries is a guarantee from Bassam.

Basically, The companies can select the packages based on their requirements. Additionally, Odoo Support includes an annual maintenance contract and other special packages, including annual training and support.

Odoo Mobile App Development     

Make your applications perfectly fit for your mobile phone with the support of Bassam Infotech. A leading Odoo Partner in UAE and USA, Bassam has a team to develop mobile applications suitable for various business operations. So, Once the application is ready, you will manage your business from anywhere.

 Odoo Payment Integration

Payment gateway integration is the key highlight of Odoo. Integrating your Odoo ERP with different payment gateways eases your payment management. Sales and procurement activities and all other payment-related tasks come under a single control system. It is also for integrating the ERP Services with payment gateways. E-Commerce accounts management and other business operations befit from payment integration service. 

Odoo ERP opens up immense opportunities for every business venture. From procurement to managing manufacturing and sales, Odoo assures comprehensive support to all users. Basically, The most user-friendly platform for business firms. Above all, Odoo is a continuously developing software solution that can upgrade your business and take your business to new heights.

You can contact Bassam for all Odoo services.

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