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March 24, 2023

Odoo 16 Sales

Most agencies have expired or unused merchandise after many years for diverse reasons. These expired commodities aren’t capable of promotion with inside the marketplace for Odoo customers. The unused objects purpose many unsatisfactory effects whilst used by individuals. It is workable to set signals or warnings for the goods in an organization through the use of ERP software. Sales warnings are a powerful manner to say defaults of unique items or offerings in a firm. In the Odoo sixteen Sales module, the consumer can set an income caution for an item, that’s seen while growing a brand new order.

Activate the Sales Warning feature in Settings

You must enable the Sales Warning option in the Settings window to receive alerts for particular items. Select the Settings menu in Configuration and allow the Sales Warnings option below the Quotations & Orders section, as displayed in the screenshot below.

warnings in odoo

By activating the Sale Warnings option, you get purchase orders and products. Click the SAVE icon to begin the function in Odoo 16, as proven by the above screenshot. prompt the Warnings alternative underneath the Orders phase of the Odoo 16 Purchase and Inventory module.

customer warnings in odoo

How to Set Warnings for Products in Oboo 16 Sales?

Users can specify a caution while developing brand-new object statistics in Odoo 16. Choose the Products menu inside the Products tab and document all objects available to a user. In the Kanban view of the Products window, information about every product, along with name, price, and on-hand units, are seen separately. A person should click on the CREATE icon inside the Products window to generate a brand-new product. As validated inside the screenshot below, select your product that desires to be set caution from the Products window.

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odoo16 warnings

Here, we pick the product ‘Acoustic Bloc Screens’ as marked inside the screenshot above. In the brand new window, customers can get the right of entry to the fundamental statistics approximately objects such as Product types, income price, cost, invoicing policy, and greater underneath the General Information tab.

Acoustic Blog Screens

Below the Sales tab inside the Products tab, the person can reap the WARNING WHEN SELLING THIS PRODUCT section. As portrayed in the screenshot below, it’s far viable to set the product alert in 3 formats, which include Blocking Message, Warning, and No Message.

warning in sellings

Here, we pick out the Warning alternative underneath the WARNING WHEN SELLING THIS PRODUCT section. You also can practice the motive for the product caution in the Message subject after deciding on the Warning option, as cited in the screenshot below.

sales discription

Here, we defined the cause as an Expired product, as proven by the above screenshot. They store manually each record after making use of setting the caution for Acoustic Bloc screens.

Brand-new Income Order

Next, let’s have a look at what occurs after configuring an income order for Acoustic Bloc Screen. Move to the Sales Order window, and the document of all orders is viewable to a user. Choose the CREATE button to generate a brand-new income order, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

brand new income order

Select your patron or companion inside the Customer area inside the new window. Afterward, the consumer can see the Customer’s Delivery Address and Invoice Address.

sales orders and messages

Set the order remaining date inside the Expiration discipline and verify the order date in the Quotation Date discipline. Later, choose your phrases of order price inside the Payment Terms subject and pick out the Price list as represented in the screenshot below.

price list representationClick on Add a Product choice internal Order Lines and select Acoustic Bloc Screen. After selecting the Acoustic Bloc display screen product beneath the Order Lines tab, a caution message seems earlier than the user.

default objects in odoo

You can see why an Expired product is introduced while placing a warning. Click the Ok icon and alternate your product for the order. So, it is simple to broaden signals for unused or default objects in the Odoo 16 Sales module.

Keep Alert on Odoo Customers within Odoo 16 Sales

First, customers should expand purchaser statistics in the Sales module earlier than getting an alert. Click on the Customers menu inside the Orders tab, and a listing of all companions is out there to the user. Select the CREATE icon to generate new purchaser data, as noted in the screenshot below.

odoo customer wityh odoo16

In the brand new window, pick out the Individual choice and input the consumer call as ‘Harshad.’ Later, choose your Company and upload the process of a purchaser inside the Job Position field, as denoted within side the screenshot below.

odoo customers windowsApply the overall statistics of customers, which includes Mobile, Email, Language, Title, and more, inside the Odoo Customers window.

Warning for Sales Orders

Below the Internal Notes tab, it’s far viable to set warnings for a Sales order, Purchase order, and picking. Users can follow a caution on an income order in 3 forms: No Message, Blocking Message, and Warning, as in the screenshot below.

warninghs of sales orders

The caution will display on an income order while we make a sale with a partner. For that, you ought to set a Warning and input the motive underneath the WARNING OF THE SALES ORDER segment inside the Internal Notes tab.

odoo customers warning

We can shop routinely after making use of your caution for the order deal through a selected customer. Now, let’s make a Sales order for the customer ‘Harshad’ by selecting the CREATE button with inside the Sales Orders window.

creating customers list

You can get admission to a caution message inside the new window after choosing the customer ‘Harshad.’ Users can see the message Not dependable inside the Warning for Harshad window, as shown in the screenshot below.

transport ahead with the consumer order

Click the OK icon to transport ahead with the consumer order. Hence, putting a caution message for a selected client is easy. Similarly, the person also can make a caution for a buy order and order choosing underneath the Internal Notes tab in a customer.

Warning On The Purchase Order

  • If you choose a warning in the WARNING ON THE PURCHASE ORDER section, you will access the alert after making a purchase with the vendor.
  • A warning is visible when we pick from a company or an individual after selecting the warning below the WARNING ON THE PICKING section.


Odoo 16 Sales module help put warnings for products and customers. It made the caution messages for unused merchandise and carriers clean using ERP software. We can enhance enterprise productiveness with the aid of using getting rid of undesirable commodities from a firm.

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