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December 16, 2020

Bassam Infotech is a one-stop solution for your ERP-related worries. From the identification of the best ERP for your business to the support and maintenance of implemented ERP, Bassam Infotech offers the ultimate solution for improving business operations. We work beyond boundaries to support business ventures in Odoo Implementation, Customization, Integration, and Support. Our expertise will boost your business to accomplish your productivity and profitability goals.

Odoo ERP Support and Maintenance 

It is time to toss away your concerns. Bassam Infotech, the Best Odoo Implementing, and Consulting company are equipped with all the utensils to ensure you all-around support. Managing any type of ERP solutions with the support of our technical and functional teams becomes a cool game for any industry. It is easy to turn hurdles into opportunities by equipping your firm with the best ERP solution with the Best Odoo ERP support.

 Confused by what you get as an offer?

Customization, training, bug fixing, and all other aspects of Odoo Implementation and maintenance get 24×7 support from our experts. We offer you appropriate solutions for all ERP-related concerns, queries, and problems. Our support system follows your requirements the moment you reach us for an ERP solution.

How does it work?

Get it done at the right time. Have you been experiencing any technical or functional difficulties with your ERP solution?

It is time for you to have an ear for us. We help you understand the underlying technical issues and help you with accurate solutions. Years of Experience in ERP implementation gives us an upper hand in Odoo Support and Maintenance Service. Contact us as we are here to help you with instant solutions.

  • Functional Support

Odoo being the best ERP solution enabling personalized experience for all customization of services plays a key role in every aspect of professional functioning. Being the best Odoo Customization Company, Bassam Infotech helps the business to identify the features required for the effective operation of the firm. It also supports identifying the Odoo Modules required for the tailor-made ERP application. Custom-ERP support is guaranteed by our functional team who will be with you and study your needs to offer you the best product. Odoo enhancement during version updates also is provided by our team, which can assure you an unparalleled experience in software-based operations. 

  • Technical Support

The Best Odoo Implementing Company Bassam Infotech completes Odoo ERP implementation on time with utmost accuracy and perfection. Error-free implementation by managing the database and the server settings helps the Business to avoid dysfunction. It frees you from all technical glitches and ensures the smooth operation of ERP. The team also assures optimization of the use of ERP for the growth of the business apart from covering the long-term requirements in software-based management.

  • Bug fixing

Don’t get upset about detecting bugs or errors in your ERP system. It is easy to deal with the support of the right software. Our team can get away with the bugs and errors in the best way possible. Any error in the software application can also be settled with ERP maintenance support, which is always assured to the affiliated customers.


  • Maintenance Support

Maintenance of your ERP solution requires the support of an efficient team, where Bassam Infotech has already set a benchmark. Apart from offering maintenance support for clients for whom we implement ERP, we extend third-party ERP support. Our Third-party ERP maintenance wing will reach you for regular updates and enhancements at cost-effective rates. Your financial management will not get affected as we do not charge high for maintenance operations.

  • Training

Are you experiencing difficulty in handling your ERP? 

We can help you by giving the best solutions at the best affordable rates. Our training team can train your employees on the uses of the ERP system and the ways to tackle unexpected errors. Comprehensive training at your workplace will help them gain technical skills and knowledge to use the Odoo ERP platform. It can also support improving the speed of operation which can directly benefit productivity and proper use of the available human resources. Optimum use of the ERP software with better training will help a business scale heights and make a difference among its rivals. Our support and training help will continue for a fixed period so that your employees can handle the system efficiently.

  • Data security management

Get the best security support for data management with Bassam Infotech as it will naturally take you to a trouble-free work ambiance. We help you back up your data using Odoo ERP. Safe and secure data restoration and management also are offered by the team. With our security support, you will knock down cyber hacks. Quick and efficient data migration comes as an added feature when you approach Bassam Infotech for Odoo ERP Support. Believe it, established companies are making a lot of investments just to tackle these possibilities to improve their business.

Our highlights

We offer you comprehensive support and maintenance services at an affordable price. The cost-effective service offered by Bassam Infotech will help you manage your budget and plan your business well even during a lean period. We help you document the pricing and charges helping you to be sure of the expenses and plan in a better way in advance.

Being the best Odoo Implementer, we are here to work for your satisfaction and positive feedback. Anytime service in emergency situations is our highlight which has won a lot of loyal customers crossing geographical boundaries. We provide customers with online and offline support.

The experience of our team will help you solve your issues effortlessly. We have been in ERP implementation for 24 years. You can count on our experience for the best implementation and customization. Separate technical and functional teams offer timely support to the clientele.

We offer all-around support and will address your needs within the minimum required time. The customers can reach us through a website, mobile phone, or through emails and our team members respond to queries in the most efficient way.


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