What’s New in Inventory and MRP on Odoo 14 – An Overview of the Best Features

September 16, 2021

To those who eagerly awaited some magical tools in their favourite Odoo ERP, the latest Odoo 14 version is a magic wand. With the changing time and the diversified requirements, an aspiring business person or venture can never miss out on these surprising Odoo 14 new features which can streamline strenuous tasks and make the job a cakewalk. The biggest additions are on the side of inventory and MRP heads. These dynamic features offer functionalities like creating new portals or even marketing tools with some machine intelligence. The purpose of all the additions is to improve productivity, reduce manual tasks and ensure the fastest results.

Let’s have a quick look at the New Features that make Odoo 14 a real treat.

  • Inventory reloaded with new barcode features

Being one of the most sought-after Odoo tools, the latest version has given due consideration in introducing revolutionary changes. The mainly noticeable change is in the repackaging of barcode reading options. The barcode feature is integrated with inventory which can be accessed even during offline hours. Inventory adjustments and batch transfers are some highlights. The concepts of wave picking, batch picking and cluster picking can be easily made possible with the reloaded barcode features. The batch-wise details can be viewed or added according to the requirements with these new features of Odoo 14.

  • Expiry date management

This is one of the newest features where the management of products with expiry dates is handled effectively. It will help the prevention of the sale of such products or their internal mishandling. Such a feature will come to the benefit of those who work in the food-based or medical industry. As any slip in the area can lead the connected entrepreneurs to trouble, this can be a game-changer in the industry.

  • Signing delivery introduced

Replacing the conventional delivery systems with manual receipts, the newest version of Odoo, Odoo 14 has introduced a signing delivery method where the whole process is cleared with technological help. It is generating automatic acknowledgement on accepting products from a company. Such signed documents will be saved for any future reference. The advantage is that one can save a lot of time dealing with the manual process and ensure a proper electronic document for future references related to the deliveries.

  • Help for replenishment

Unlike the previous version, more handy options are there to meet the replenishment job where you replace the space with new products. Being a new tool in the dashboard inventory, it can replace all the work of an inventory scheduler. As it is an automated process, no entrepreneur will have to worry about the replenishment task. The snooze button is available to plan your purchase. It can also assist us in tracking the order, customizing it according to the priorities and appraising the performance. A forecast report is another noticeable highlight where you can actually track the stock and plan the purchase task accordingly.

  • MRP management with ease

One of the main demands of Odoo customers was to consider more flexible elements in the newer version. Flexibility can attract more users and ensure effortless use for all. The latest version of Odoo, Odoo 14 has a long list of attractive new features which can thrill users with the element of flexibility at its best. Now, the consumption on a manufacturing order can be easily changed according to the needs. It can be configured as one’s wishes in the Bill of Material (BoM) or can be easily locked on the manufacturing setting tab.

  • Easy ways to changes

The users are given more freedom here to change the manufacturing components by editing the manufacturing orders. The details will be updated at the endpoint with no delay. Even one can create manufacturing orders (MO) without the use of the Bill of Materials. The task can be completed by appropriately adding the components required for the same.

  • Shortcut buttons and work order planning

The shortcut button provided in the new option allows one to easily start, pause or stop the work order on the main dashboard. Work order overview can be accessed very easily using the shortcut options. Similarly, the work order view was improved very much to ensure a user-friendly feel. A unique white and grey colour code has been chosen to show the spaces where one can handle the work orders easily or move them.

  • Customization of manufacturing orders

With Odoo 14 new features, one can easily customize the manufacturing orders based on the chosen variants or list of products. One can create their table under the Bills of Material tab and manage the rest. The product details, including its colour, weight and other features can be individually listed for accurate recording.

  • Master Production Schedule (MPS)

The master production schedule has got a revamped and clean look making understanding and categorization very easy. A cleaner look makes it easy for understanding forecast demands, suggested replenishment, and forecasted stock under the manufacturing tab. A comprehensive overview carrying all these details in a single window will make the operations smooth at all levels.

  • Landed cost for manufacturing orders

This is one of the noticeable additions where the landed costs are activated or enabled for manufacturing orders. As landed cost defines the final cost of all products associated with its shipping and logistics costs, its integration with the manufacturing orders is crucial for smoothening the business. As there can be many unnoticed costs that will have to be integrated with the final bill to estimate the exact value of the product, integrating the landed cost of manufacturing orders is a crucial step. With companies dealing with imported products, it will be of great use and convenience.

  • Advanced features

The cherry-picked Odoo 14 new feature that makes it special above all other highlights is the option to analyse the performance of any purchase. Generation of customized reports is possible in every case, which will assure better control over the business. A handy tool available now is the filters, through which one can select the data they want covering a specific area. There are also ample options to add custom filters. The possibilities of data visualizations are immense with the latest version, where the data exploration task for any review purpose becomes easy.

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