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December 9, 2020

Don’t trim your foot to fit the shoe. Bassam Infotech the best Odoo Customization Company is here to offer you the best personalized experience for managing all your business related requirements. List out your needs and reach out to us. We are here to study your requirements and analyse the actual needs before offering you the best support.

What is Odoo Customization?

It is very simple to understand. ERP customization is the process of modifying an already available ERP application based on customer demand. Odoo customization with the help of an expert team fine-tunes the enterprise resource planning software solution to diversify its performance. Odoo customization helps to enhance the existing features and take the maximum out of its capacities. A trained team will engage in adding updated features to the ERP to improve the performance of the business. In effect, what you get is even beyond your wild thoughts.

Why Bassam Infotech for Odoo ERP Customization?

Experience shapes a firm and vision lays its path the right way ahead. Bassam Infotech has been molded to be the best ERP customization company with 24 years of Experience and a clear vision to take forward proud clients’ dreams. An efficient technical team and competitive pricing for customization is sure to gift you the best support for Odoo customization. We can take a glance at how Bassam Infotech helps you for Odoo customization and explore its amazing features to its full strength.

  • Certified ERP Consultants

It forms the basic requirement. An experienced team of Odoo consultants and python experts are our pillars of strength who make the virtual dream into a reality. Being the best Odoo implementing company, we can provide you with the required technical support for enhancing your ERP. Updating the existing versions and improving performance by adding new features in accordance to the business needs become more effective when you join hands with Bassam Infotech.

  • Competitive Pricing

Of course, the price matters a lot when someone thinks of introducing a new technology to support the operations. Here, we ensure cost effective customization support for your business without sacrificing the real quality. Bassam Infotech, the best Odoo customization company, can also offer excellent product support at a competitive price, which no one can assure you in the software market. With a dedicated team of experts, Bassam Infotech, is always happy to help you in an extraordinary way.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our responsibility. We strive to meet the requirements of the customers by offering them comprehensive customization support. Proper skillset, time management, and timely communication and interaction with our clients help our team to deliver the best support. Customer satisfaction is the motto of our team members, who give 100 % of their effort to take your business to new heights.

  • Proper analysis of requirements

What makes Odoo customization successful? It is nothing but an accurate analysis of the business requirements and proper knowledge about the different versions of Odoo which improve the success rate of ERP customization. Bassam Infotech has a team to communicate with the clients and get a clear idea about their requirements. Our team analyses the requirements and lists out enhancement and app updating plans.

  • Gap analysis

What is Gap Analysis? It is the process of identifying the actual or new requirements of the business and the efficiency of the existing ERP to meet it. This process helps a customization team to identify the changes to be introduced further and enhancements to be planned to bridge the gap. Our consultants are well-trained in Gap Analysis. Their expertise in handling different Odoo versions is sure to help your organization climb new heights in business.


  • Efficient Planning

Odoo customization is a multi-level operation that requires proper planning to get the desired results. One can easily plan the upgrading of Odoo Open Source Software in a phased manner with Bassam Infotech. At first, one is expected to find out the business requirements to zero in on the actual intervention. Then list out the changes and updates needed. Identify the version and module best suited for your requirement and complete the personalization of the ERP.

  • Regular evaluation

It is a cakewalk here. Team up with Bassam InfoTech to ensure constant support for the effective functioning of Odoo even after the customization process. We offer our support to evaluate the performance of the ERP. Customization at times can turn complex for some. Proper training of the employees by our training wing eases the operation, and it reduces the risk of faulty operations.

  • Quality Service

Manage high-end service at all levels of Odoo customization. Bassam Infotech being the best Odoo implementing company and an Odoo Partner stands by you for uninterrupted Odoo Consultation, Odoo Implementation, and Odoo Integration apart from Odoo customization. Such an assured service makes us stand a class apart in the crowd.

  • Ensured data security

 Set aside the concerns about data management security. Bassam Infotech deploys only confidential team members for managing your data. Data storage, migration, and transfer will be completed by the expert team who ensures the foolproof security of your digital assets.

  • Experienced team

24 years of experience in ERP implementation helps us to handle situations in a realistic manner. Skilled in implementation, customization, integration, and other activities, we ensure error-free customization. Our experience helps us to offer quick completion of the customization process and start your work with the new product on time.

  • Hands-on experience in managing Odoo modules

A modular ERP, Odoo customization requires profound knowledge about the features of different modules. We give you the best personalized ERP platform by integrating different Odoo modules. Our python developers support customization by offering the best customization solution to the customers.

  • Technical and functional expertise on Odoo

Teams of equally skilled development and consultant teams are the strengths of Bassam Infotech. Expertise in coding and developing our team can easily customize Odoo for you. Functional expertise helps to integrate different modules for better results.

  • Improved UI/UX

Odoo being a custom ERP offers the best User interface for users. The user interface gets improved as the operations included under different modules get compiled. The best user experience results from the best user interface where experience and customization skills matter a lot on the way to perfection.

  • Expertise in different Odoo versions

Different organizations may use different versions of Odoo. A customization process will need a thorough knowledge of the Odoo versions. Integration of the features of different versions helps the user to get the best tailor-made software support.

You can approach us for the customization of all Odoo modules. We have expertise in realizing the following tasks:

1. Odoo for Manufacturing

2. Odoo for Construction

3  Odoo for Retail

4. Odoo for Education

5. Odoo for Sales and Distribution

6. Odoo for Warehouse management etc


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