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December 31, 2021

Healthcare organizations face many problems in attempting to give better patient care while managing healthcare distribution costs.In addition to managing patients, hospitals or health care organizations also manage a variety of other things. As part of a hospital management system, appointments are arranged, patients are managed, facilities are managed, personnel are managed, supply management, financial management, managing insurance& policies, managing Laboratories, managing reports, radiology management and a lot. Managing all of these processes manually is very challenging and confusing. It also consumes more time for staff. And another major problem is studying and analysing all of these data. 

We can’t combine and study all these data together. Additionally, updating data is a challenge. There is a high probability of making errors as well. In order to solve all these problems, hospitals or health management systems need a better solution.

Most of the solutions are very expensive; if you want to overcome all these issues, you need a better performing affordable system. An ERP Implementation in Healthcare Sector can solve all these problems, and there are some types of ERP systems and ERP providers. Choosing Odoo ERP is the better option when it comes to outstanding results. Odoo ERP Implementation an integral part in achieving overall success in healthcare sector.

Healthcare database systems like Odoo Healthcare Management System provide an important method of analysing and improving the value of healthcare services. Health care will be excellent, better treatment will be available, efficiency will be improved, costs will be lower, and decision making will be improved for everyone.

Need of Hospital Management System

Managing appointments:

When patients call to make an appointment, The Hospital Management System suggests specialists or provides appointments with a doctor they prefer. Upon receiving the patient’s illness, it compares the patient’s details with the doctor’s area of expertise in order to schedule an appointment.

If a patient needs an appointment with a doctor at their home, the software will inspect that doctor is available at that time or not. And arrange an available time for remote visits.

Managing facilities

Managing hospital facilities is a major issue in health care departments, every hospital or medical department requires to keep records of availability of a bed, availability status of rooms with specialized care, details of wards and more.

Odoo Hospital management software manages such data and creates it readily available whenever demanded. Your receptionist can effortlessly match the details from the system and pass information to those who want it. 

Managing Patients

The hospital or health department needs to store all the details about their patients. Odoo ERP helps to store and update all those data. The system stores not only current information but also previous medical histories, patients’ upcoming appointments, doctor details, insurance details, etc.

The patient information will not need to be stored on many different pieces of paper. Doctors will be able to analyze patient details easily, allowing for greater focus on the patient’s treatment. It gives patients satisfaction.

Management of employees

HR organization in a hospital is very important. A health department contains lots of staff. Odoo ERP in the medical system helps record details of all the staff, their job explanation, and all other important details.

It helps you to get and analyze staffs details without a lot of papers and documents. It also helps you to plan the job hiring process based on the openings in the hospital. 

Managing stocks

Hospitals need accurate records on medical stocks. The supply management system by Odoo ERP software tracks the availability and missing of medical stocks.

 Whenever stocks fall short, You can track and reorder the supplies. You can also track expiries. It also helps doctors to prescribe the medicines according to the stocks.

Financial Management

This hospital management system software manages all the economic matters of your hospital. In order to receive the billing statements, it figures, accounts, and prepares them and also documents the payments incurred by the hospital, remuneration data, and other payment details of the hospital. It offers easy tracking and no confusion.

Managing Insurance Details

Hospitals and health organizations are dealing with lots of insurance plans. The insurance Management of Odoo ERP collects and keeps all of the patients’ insurance details and documents. When we need the data, it gives the policy details, insurance providing company data, and other data associated with insurance. This software avoids complications of insurance and makes the steps easier.

So we can manage all these hospitals managing things effortlessly and securely by using Odoo ERP 15 software for the hospital management system provided by Bassam Infotech.

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