Why does the Food Industry need an ERP | Odoo ERP for Food Processing Industry | Odoo’s Key features for Food Industry

August 28, 2020

Like popcorn on the skillet, the Odoo ERP for Food Industry can really keep prospective entrepreneurs completely engaged in the business to define its real success. Its intermingled activities like the raw material purchase or processing demand a well-researched recipe for smooth functioning and achieving the sales target.

The food business is both sweet and sour with a set of must guidelines to follow.  A tailor-made ERP which can bring together every aspect of the food business is surely worth the salt in this Industry. Be it the processing of fish, meat, and preservation of fruits and vegetables or the manufacturing of baked goods and dairy products, an efficient ERP solution from Odoo can help you simplify your tasks.

Why does the Food Industry need an Odoo ERP?

From purchase to packaging and processing to delivery, everything gets integrated once the investor picks the Best ERP application. ERP systems can comprehend different stages of the food manufacturing industry by providing an e-platform to monitor all biz activities.

Odoo ERP integrates all the special features that an investor could dream of.  One can streamline various phases such as the purchase of components, processing of raw materials, food preservation, quality check, and all other similar steps involved.  Odoo ERP for Food Industry will help every subsidiary business from soup to nut.

  • Manage Food Variants

Here, the management of all the products and product variants becomes systematic to sell it the best way. This enables the investor to present all food varieties manufactured and processed in his industry and simultaneously check stock availability, batch number, and other details. The Master Data management feature of Odoo is an added support for the small business venture.

Odoo helps to sort food variants based on the components. The processed items made of fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, and grains can be listed and sorted out with a click. It can also smoothen product sorting based on the processes involved and get information on processed food, preserved goods, and milled and baked items with no difficulty.

  • Manage Food Orders

Are you finding it hard to sort manufacturing orders and sales orders? We, the Odoo partners, are here to resolve your headache. With our custom ERP solution, you can easily categorize order numbers and planned dates of manufacturing and sale. Calculating and arranging components required to complete the processing and manufacturing of each order also becomes simple with Odoo Support.

Odoo Open Source Software extends support to prepare lot numbers and serial numbers and arrange products accordingly. One can review the status of an order with our ERP system and ensure timely delivery. The best ERP support also makes it easy for investors in the food industry to enter BOM details along with the deadline for processing. Orders through an e-commerce website, purchase orders, and orders from point of sale units can all be managed with this ERP.

  • Food Pricing Made Easy

Odoo is the best ERP support and is capable of guiding the investor in price fixing as well. With the details of components used for production and processing and integration of expenses, the ERP provides auto assistance to determine the price. Pricing based on product type and category, order quantity, and special offers can be done very quickly. BOM helps to calculate the number of ingredients and cost per unit before fixing the price.

  • Food Quality Control & Compliance

A cloud-based ERP helps the industry to easily comply with quality control measures. The food Industry needs to follow food safety and standard laws, expiry date-related laws, and a set of other quality control measures. Quality checks during the purchase phase, processing time, preservation, and other stages can be done with ease with Odoo ERP e-platform. Automated checking of the quality of products can be done by preparing a checklist.

  • Expiry Date and Recall Facility

The Enterprise Resource Planning Software enables the generation of labels with ingredient details and expiry dates.  The expiry date for the food product is automatically calculated based on the use of ingredients.

What makes Odoo the best for the food industry is the easy recall feature. With lot number and batch number tracking, products can be recalled from the market after the expiry date. The facility to update details of persons responsible for the production and review at the process, preservation, and packing stages makes it easy to track the quality.

  • Research & Development and Sampling

ERP integration enables Odoo to help you bring together the activities of the R&D wing with the processing unit. Preparation of new recipes, sample management, and selection of components for each recipe can be done with ERP support. The BOM feature helps easily document the ingredient quantity for different measures of units of products.

  • Purchase of Ingredients

Is purchase and sales management a tough task for you? Bassam Infotech the Official Odoo partner, offers you the best solution. The reason is that the management of the supply chain network, generation, and approval of quotes, and integration of purchase list with material stock gets easy e-support with top ERP systems.


  • Sale of Food Products

Coordinating the work of the Sales department with customer details, sell order segmentation, and constant contact management email marketing, SMS marketing, and live chat features can be enabled with the ERP application. Sales through websites and e-commerce stores can also be managed with the best ERP software.

  • Food Market Analysis & Report Generation

Have the ease of generating comprehensive reports based on performance analysis, sales of product variants, and planning business in a better way with Odoo. The operations of the unit along with the sale of different products can be reviewed and analyzed frequently to improve manufacturing methods and sales practices.

Odoo’s Key features for the Food Processing industry

Odoo being an Open Source Software has unlimited options for customization of ERP to best suit your demands.  Apart from meat, fish, and fruit and vegetable processing and preserving units, business sectors including the chocolate industry, dairy industry, and pickle units get Odoo Support to improve business. Have a look at the key features:

  • Accounts Module to integrate all expense and revenue-related documents
  • Tax management helps to comply with the tax regime of the area
  • Odoo Inventory Management to ensure temperature control and a clean storage facility
  • Invoice Generation and labeling to help the customers
  • Waste management gets easy with exact quantity management with BOM
  • Multiple Warehouse management helps effective production process of different product categories
  • Work Center coordination gets easy with e-platform
  • Workforce management and work-hour scheduling are made possible with cloud-based ERP support.

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