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Best Odoo ERP in India | Top odoo ERP Software in India | Bassam Infotech can guarantee Odoo ERP Integration and Implementation at the lowest market price | Why Choose Odoo the Best Odoo ERP in India | Why Indian businesses need an Odoo Support?
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Best Odoo ERP in India – Best Odoo ERP Implementation Software System in India | Why Indian businesses need an Odoo support?

India, the land of diversity, enjoys diversity in business operations as well. Different industries cater to the requirements and demands of different communities. Small, medium and large scale industries thrive equally well in this culturally rich land.

A fast developing country with the government playing an important role in transforming the Indian business, the business sectors have opened up opportunities for many investors. Many business sectors are gaining momentum with international business links and domestic exchanges.

 Let us take a glance at the major business sectors in India

  • Automobiles Industry
  • Aviation and airline industry
  • Banking Industry
  • Jewellery and gem industry
  • Health care sector
  • Information technology
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Petroleum and Petrochemical industry
  • Steel industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Telecommunication Industry
  • Textile industry
  • Real Estate
  • Tourism and hospitality industry

In India major business sectors focus mostly on manufacturing and service. Involving a set of operations, these sectors need a proper system for coordination and management of the business. 

Why Indian businesses need an Odoo Support?

Indian business shares a major space with small and medium industries. The small and medium industries in the country are growing at a steady pace. The industries are slowly realizing the importance of enterprise resource planning software for managing complicated operations. In recent times, the businesses have realised that their initial investment for Odoo ERP implementation could help them scale new heights in the business by improving employee performance and sales aspects.

An efficient Odoo ERP solution can effortlessly plan raw material procurement, warehouse management, human resources utilization and customer and sales management. The best Odoo ERP in India can also help the automation of business activities. It will also help the business to minimize human errors. Accounting, budget management and customer service operations gets fine-tuned with Odoo ERP assistance. 

Why Choose Odoo the Best Odoo ERP in India?

Are you confused about the selection of the Odoo ERP for your business? The success of Odoo ERP implementation and business depends on how efficiently a user picks his or her ERP tool. Let us check a few things to be noted while selecting the best Odoo ERP in India.


  • The Odoo ERP that can help your manufacturing
  • A platform that ensures transparency
  • A tool to support financial management
  • An efficient system for preparing the bill of material
  • A software platform that ensures security
  • Check reliability, performance levels and cost-effectiveness

Go through all Odoo ERP solutions that are available. You will find out that Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning Software is the ultimate solution for your business related concerns.


Odoo Open Source Software platform can benefit you in many ways:

  • Forecast management
  • Improve employee performance
  • Efficient time management
  • Manage business cost
  • Optimization of supply chain
  • Quick and accurate accounting operations

The best Odoo ERP in India, Odoo India can help your business to grow rapidly and meet international standards. Now, let us find out the key benefits of Odoo ERP for managing Indian business operations.

  • Cost Effective

Investment for Odoo ERP implementation can play a crucial role in any business, especially for small and medium businesses. Finding it difficult to invest a huge amount in implementing ERP? 

  • Odoo being an open-source solution guarantees cost-effective ERP support. 
  • It can guarantee you integration and implementation at the lowest market price. 
  • Odoo having community enterprise editions even supports free ERP.

The users of the Odoo community can access the services at free of cost. The enhancement can be made at a later stage by transferring to the enterprise edition of Odoo. Besides, it supports the user to choose from the modules and pick only the unavoidable modules at the initial stage.

  • Customizability

Only a highly customizable Odoo ERP solution can cater to the needs of a specific business. Odoo open source supports the user to integrate all required modules and use the coding support for customization. When comparing Odoo with other ERP solutions available in the Indian Market, Odoo assures complete customizability. Personalization of the ERP solution in a minimum time period is assured if you are choosing Odoo.

What is more? Odoo offers you the option to choose from the available modules. Are you from the manufacturing industry? Then go for the manufacturing module. Integrate manufacturing with marketing, inventory, or other basic modules to get the best result.

  • Integration support

Odoo ERP offers a series of modules which can be efficiently used for improving Indian business. It can be integrated with different Odoo modules. It is easy for a user to install the community edition of Odoo Apps from the online platform. Official Odoo partners in India can extend support to you to manage all your operations. The modular structure of Odoo offers support for interdepartmental operation as well.

  • User-friendly

What makes an Odoo ERP the most preferred choice of a business? Yes, User-friendly interface. Whatever be the features of an ERP, the Odoo ERP implementation derives the desired result only if the employees of a firm can make use of the software platform. It should have a user-friendly interface.

Odoo offers you a perfect solution to ensure employee support. With a user-friendly platform and training support Odoo can be handled even by a new entrant. It supports easy configuration of all features and assures a unique platform to manage different operations. Be it customer management or employee management, every operation can be completed with a few clicks with Odoo India.

  • Localization Support

Apart from preparing the solution to meet the international community’s requirements, the Odoo team gives thrust to localization to meet the requirements of users from different countries. Indian localization is a prominent section in Odoo with the involvement of a number of Odoo official partners from India.

Want to know more about the Odoo ERP?

Contact Bassam Infotech, the best Odoo service provider and the best Odoo erp in India. Clarify all your doubts. We offer personalized software support for all major industries including real estate, textiles, steel, health care, cosmetics, construction, supply chain, logistics and education. All manufacturing industries can also seek our support for effective Odoo ERP implementation. Visit our website for more details. We also offer live chat support for our customers. 

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